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Growing in the Heart…

The pupils of the first grade were discussing a photo of a family. In the picture, the hair of the youngest boy was of a different color than that of the rest of family. One of the boys in the class thought that the boy was adopted, to which a girl from the class said: ‘I know everything about adoption because I am adopted.’ ‘What does adoption mean then?’ the boy asked. ‘It means’, the girl answered, ‘that a child does not grow in the mother’s belly but in her heart.’” (translation from an online guestbook of a Finnish adoption website – extracts from my chapter on transnational adoption)

It is the “growing in the heart” that lays the foundation for a sense of belonging and rootedness for children.

STOP the use of children’s photographs as “lures” to various websites.

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We believe that adoption websites should only publicise the anonymised textual stories of children, and that photographs of children awaiting adoption must be shared confidentially and only with prospective parents who have expressed an interest in the child, and not openly posted on the web. In fact, the current practice ethically and morally violates children’s rights to privacy and basic human dignity. The current practice allows exploitation of children’s photos as “lures” for various adoption websites and equates children’s affective value to their commodity value.

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Together we can make a difference.

Together WE CAN CHANGE these unethical practices.



One thought on “Growing in the Heart…

  1. Claudia, I think I agree with you that adopting methods should conform with the dignity and the rights that a child deserves.I also believe that much as adoption is a way out to help children in distress, care must be taken not jeopardise it’s good intentions. In this regard, I am of the strongest opinion that adoption should be the last option should we begin to consider moving distressed children from their home environments.From my point of view, unwarranted adoption amounts to alienation of the child from his home environment, which again smacks against the the child’s right of association. I think society needs to take a second look at adoption and the rights of the child.

    Posted by george akpaloo | August 31, 2011, 9:42 am

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